The Messenger

Christian Light, son of well-to-do parents Joel and Lauren and big brother to sister Evangeline is an all American kid.  This Roswell, GA teen is the former star quarterback, captain of the football team and straight ‘A’ student living the life.   His parents were killed in a bombing committed by a criminal seeking their experimental healing suit. The heat of the explosion combined with the serum fused the suit to Christian's skin.  The unforeseen side effects of this accident has now given Christian heightened strength, speed, agility and other abilities yet to be seen.  With an irrepressible righteous indignation and need for justice, Christian has now taken on the role of God's Messenger to this lost generation.

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  1. I would like to know where I can buy a copy of your book. I hope and pray that Hero Comics really becomes a huge success like Marvel Comics. If it does then everyone in the world will exposed to the word of God.